The new roller from Knoche crumbles the soil intensively and effectively separates weeds from the soil. When it comes to weed killing, cultivators usually fail to cleanly remove the roots. However, de-earthing is important so that the root does not root again after it has been successfully loosened from the soil. The root should lie on the surface of the soil without any attachment to the soil, so that it can dry out there. The KNOCHE crumbling roller copes with this task: The 400 diameter with open cage technology – without an internal axis – has a very high rotation speed. This causes the soil to be separated from the root – similar to the separation in a centrifuge. The crumbling roller thus has two effects: on the one hand, the soil is crumbled more intensively and, on the other hand, the weeds can be effectively separated from the soil. An important expansion of the KNOCHE product range for all farmers who want to carry out sustainable weed control on a mechanical basis. The new KNOCHE CRUMBLER ROLLER 400 (FLK400) is available for the KNOCHE ÖKORUBBER 300 (3 m) and 450 (4.5 m). The roller can also be retrofitted for all previous models. The ÖKOGRUBBER with crumbling roller can be seen at the Ökofeldtage from June 14 to 15, 2023 in Ditzingen at the KNOCHE stand, B 4.10.